Doors and arches


Real estate market restructuring

Considering the last 2013, from an analytical point of view, one can come to a completely logical conclusion that the indicated period was quite painful in terms of reforming the domestic real estate market. A total of three large -scale legislative reforms were initiated at...

Foam polystyrene

The first polystyrene foam was received in 1928. Since that time, he has repeatedly modernized. To briefly characterize it - then this is a material with low thermal conductivity and lightweight. I want to know how heating is being carried out for a long time?...

Playing walls with wallpaper

Before gluing, the surface of the wall must be prepared. Old wallpapers are removed, whitewashing is thoroughly washed off. The walls are plastered, putty, if necessary, they are covered with a primer. The edge is cut off for the wallpaper if it is. When planning...

How to care for a tattoo “

Recently, the number of people, especially young people who want to decorate their body with tattoos, is growing steadily. It is possible that after a few years someone will regret their decision, but many continue to rejoice in the presence of tattoos on their body...

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